the period of poverty seems ended with this new nine guys arrived from somewhere. Today has been much difficult to keep the note, the new nine were doing their idea of notes, and they were a little conflicting with my usual abitudes. The problem for when the new overhelmes the old is the abitude. We land on other experienced people’s voices and we think we are singing well. As soon as arrives someone new and stays between us and our usual landing voice… we are a little lost… we are forced to take out our own voice.

The chorus is made of many “own voices”. So the new is good as well as we are constantly learning to sing nearby strange and new voices. We must learn. Tonight after the singing session I’ve been invited to a public meeting at the bar. Now I’m nearly drunk, and probably I shouldnt write this. But the social part of the singing is not removable from the whole singing habitat.


We pass through high moments and low moments. Sometimes we keep flying for some meters, sometimes we stay below the ground level. Having strong bass voices is important, but keeping the note is important too. I don’t like young people singing because their voice is often empty and their way to take the note gives poor results. I wish young people could stay silent while the older learns singing and expression. Expression and feelings are given only through living experience, not through voice quality or right pitch.

Taking the breath is indeed the most important part, deep into the tecnique and emotional traing. While inhaling we prepare our palate and we make our feelings ready to be expressed through our throat. I cannot always take my best breath because we let everyone breath freely without teachings or expansion setup… and I need more time compared to common timing to fill up my periferic lung corners. Keeping in thouch with other people timings is a good training.

a new start everyday

Today we are at the tipping point. Too many to drop, too few to hope in a big powerful chorus. Some say that we must wait for someone new to continue, some say that we are enough. Some say that we must learn the basics before a single song will come out.

The teacher spoke about a new name for the chorus. It will be school for chorus instead of “chorus”. It is more appropriate for our level. That’s ok, we have to learn so school it’s a good name. But unfortunately there is no name for silence. There is no name for “now everybody listen” because every one should listen before the lesson starts.


when I’m alone my voice has a timber, when I’m in the chorus between other people my timber changes. Why? maybe with fear for the other’s ideas, my respiration changes. If the respiration is not deep enough the voice is shrill and empty. But having a meaningful voice is not matter of artifatcs and techniques. It’s a matter of life experience that needs to come out to be told. Voice is needed for changes, but not always newborns are generated by voice changes.

a tree never gives up

today i was walking to the chorus and I saw a gigantic tree. It could have two or three undred years. During the lesson I felt like a little blade of grass that needs to build up a bark. Every time the voice comes out is like a blade of grass, and I can let it flowing or I can build up a protective covering. We can learn without the need of crying.


Today is the third day for my lead singing overhelming the common unspoken rule: a song for each person. The teacher asked me to do all the songs, so I was split by singing and feeling the common reactions on my performance. I made enough mistakes and the teacher switched me again with another lead singer. I still don’t know if did my mistakes on purpose.

tiny voices

today managed better the emotion without losing it. I heard my tiny voice into the mix of the whole voices. Heard some painfully chords too. One was really scaring, reminded me of the upside down messas. Had to concentrate close to the maximum to resist. Had to resist to some beginning of giggles too. Anyway I have to learn to be ready to the new ones who didn’t hear me before. No matter their reactions.