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slower power

the chorus is having troubles. After the splitting each one of us can sing just an hour in a week with the teacher. Today hard words about our poor job with homeworks. The medium age group goes from 40 to 50 years old. With some childrens and some older persons. Too many sentences today, and few singing. Just came out another idea: split the splitted group… 😦

Anyway, learning some history, it seems that tenores weren’t those self-taught full of instinct people that I imagined. They were the best singers in the town, and the only that could armonize notes coming out the throats. This means that I have to study, and I have no actual chances to become tenores.

I must learn more silence, I will live in my corner.


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untrained = spontaneous?

Today I’m listening to Tenores from Oniferi. Their voice seems old and not much trained. Sometimes I forgot how to listen to untrained* voices, when it happens again is kinda like the first time I hear singing in sardinian.
Yesterday when I thought that today I will had to go to rehearsal of the cuncordu de Orosei I was a little sad. I learned that sardinian people never say no to a request, and since they’re quite famous, I thought that I wanted to meet them just to share their fame. Very bad thought. I’m always wondering if what I’m doing here is right.

Anyway, untrained voices get some half-notes down, their melody goes below like a submarine would get into the abyss. Soon they get back to the correct note. Again I feel inside shivers, I see an abstrac of my little experience in their voices.
The lead singer (the lone singer that tells the story) embodies my feelings. Contra, bassu e mesu voce (the background grunting chorus) portray my living environment: they are the history that is been before myself, the people I met, the situations that I experienced.

Note for untrained: when I talk about tenores I’m always speaking about people that sings for long years, sometimes 30, or 40 years of singin. So when I say untrained I refer to canonical pop western common melody archetypes (you know, the C major scale notes, ok?)

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Last year when I first heard to the Orosei Tenores singing the the werner herzog “the wild blue yonder” movie I was dreaming and flying away with their voices. Tomorrow I will go to hear their singing trials. When I called Piero at the phone he seemed less happy than the other day when I saw him in Ollolai (for the tenores day). And now when I listen again to the same song “Libera me domine” I feel shivers in my arms, and my heart feel resonance. My brain is not so clear, many things are changing, but many of my hated attitudes remains the same. I wanted to know them, and now I will. This should make me happy right? It’s not. I just know that I must do what I will. It’s a strange need, for someone to live his house, live parents and sisters, friends. I’m trying to put something inside, something important. I want to learn this incredible singing method, the sardinian people seems happy to teach and share knowledge. We’ll see if they will handle me too. I’m not really nice, now I feel that staying silent is always the best option. Anyway I’ve no-one that can understand what’s happening. Me too, I’m only into the music, waiting in silence in my room for another music. All day long I hear to something. I feel very sad when my voice is not ok, and in the last ten years very few times I felt it right.

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I tried to be alone. But when I see the gmail’s inbox indicating 1 new message, I’m happy again. I hate this feeling. Why cant’t I stay just by myself? Why do I need an email, or somethimes just the idea of someone else? Many times the quality is an option. I don’t care anymore who’s writing to me. Now they are just a little number on my inbox indicator.

My migration to the virtual world is almost complete. Yesterday again I went to hear the tenores at Ollolai. Many people singing in the same place, some meters away from each other. Voices were mixing in the air, young powerful yet empty voices, old and light passionate voices. Singers from all Sardinia, and Gavino Murgia too.

We write and we stay into the internet, together in silence waiting for the inbox indicator. And when the email arrives it says nothing important for us. Just the struggle for another human contact, that is not a contact. Yesterday evening, the sun just went down and we were waiting for the singers to start, in a small terrace, behind the main square. I sent an email to piero from the tenores de orosei, I wanted to meet them and hear to their tryouts. So I was waiting with martino in the small terrace, and he said:” seems one of that internet born first meeting”. I replyed “it is, I met him on the internet”. We briefly and coldly laughed. Then some one started singing. We were in silence, but all around there were childrens running and screaming. The tenores seemed to ignore that noise. The singers are the best noise productors all around. So after a while all the children were silent too, listening to the powerful and mystic animal like singing. When they finished, a guy with big eyes came to me, and said:”we spoke on the phone? where are you from?” as usual I said: “I’m from parma, but i live and work in fonni”. So there were some silence between us. Not like all the other times I had to spoke with some sardinian, and they were always talkative and taking the speech to some clear direction. Piero was different, there was some kind of tension between us.

Don’t know why he is different, I can just hipotize that internet meetings are the same all around the world. There is the same cold factor between people that don’t share anything yet. We share an arbitrary knowledge of the world, but we haven’t common experience on which we can build up an here and now relationship.

I’m just emigrated from my house to an Island, following just my love for singing and a friend. I succeded building up a new job, based on my past experiences. But now all I want is a single identity. I had to split in two parts my past, to build up two different resumes. Since I want to try everything in my life, having a single job was not possible. I felt limitated and frustrated, everyday in front of the monitor was making me very professional but very detatched too. I couldn’t speek to the people anymore, I couldn’t see their feelings, I felt just like living behind a glass.

So I broke that glass, I left everything in my internet work behind, and I searched for a job in the hotel business. I stayed a year and half in a hotel near the aviano base. It was an ancient villa, full of american people working for the base. That’s where I met Martin Durham, Neil Buckner, Johnny Gunnels… and many others.

Living and working in front of the people is very different from the life in front of the monitor. They teach you how to speak, how to behave, how to breath in each different situation. The experience in the real world was hard to survive too. I had many ugly relationships with my colleagues. I was the son of my father, my father was the main administrator. Every one was looking at me like I did not deserve my role. No matter if I was good in my job. That should’t be my place. After a while in my colleagues head, I find it hard to stay. The initial dislike soon became a strong hate.

I couldn’t stay there anymore, so I sent some resume here in sardinia. I made two different resumes, one for each my life. If I had put all my experience in the same resume, nobody whould trust in me. I know because I tried. So I split my identity, and both my new parts were selling. In a short time I’ve found 2 jobs in the hotel industry, and other 2 in my internet industry.

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