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has been a month full of thoughts and today we spoke about that thoughts. unfortunately we are not yet at the level whom the thoughts can fix into melody. So, the daily lesson has been a common meeting about organization (we need more organization…blabla) about new people (we need new people…blabla) about people with slow progress (we need to split the class…blabla) about concerts (we need a concert…blabla).

The words always try to concentrate the needs. The one with the strongest needs wins the conversation… but you cannot organize a group of people just singing. The spoken word is still the base for social needs.

maybe when people is relaxed can sing better. That’s not the point. If being relaxed costs to the chours its trueness, then i would not pay to be in that chorus. People says that chorus it’s a serious thing, but when the teacher is rude, or uses strong provocations, they leave. I must think that seriousness is different from having a internal enzime that enables to eat the bad words and to take something good out of them.

Today I broke my rule, and I spoke in the meeting. Today has been an organization meeting.

Imagination has a big part in singing. When someone cannot take the correct pitch, maybe his mind is not figuring correctly the spectrum that should come out from the sound. The job of the teacher is to draw with his words that spectrum, to make it visible to the singers… but everytime that a teacher does the job of the singer and draws that spectrum, the singer can loose something. The singer becomes a trainee, and he loses spontaneousness.

we know that everything we learn has a price. What’s the price for spontaneousness?

that’s why i stay silent, or i speak only superficial words: because each time that i say something true, who is listening starts to change, and if he doesn’t want to change, he leaves the chorus. The chorus needs people. People is more important than air. And people comes out of the silence, we must build a strong, self learning and respectful silence.


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Here at the poliphonic chorus we’ve started splitting the lessons voice per voice. First Voices one day, Second Voices another day and so on. This let us focus very well in our part, and singing in the same room with just 3 other people makes me feel close to the canto a tenores, but we lose the global chorus armonics. Probably our teacher has been forced to split the group since some elements are slower that others in learning and he is fearing to lose the entire group. My opinion is not really important, so I just shut up and accept everything they decide.

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