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Listening to a fat woman screaming may not be the best of the evenings. But etta james screams on youtube too, and I saw her video because a friend of mine likes a lot blues and old rock. Yesterday night I was training for my chours part and I noticed once again the impact of the idea of someone listening on my voice. Well, this phase now is fewer that some years ago. I don’t like to post youtube video or links, incapsulating other sources contents in my pages makes me feel little, and just a free editor for someone else’s money. But surely you can find a etta james video somewhere, in Somethings Got A Hold On Me for example she has a little of tenores in her voice.

shyness may come from the fact that singing is a little like being naked in front of the people. They feel everything about you, they know if you are arrogant, isolated, happy, etc. You cannot lie to the ears. And being exposed with my screams is not ok for the moment. As well as I hear to etta and think that her interpretation is too much powerful, too fearless and idealistic (very modulated voice).


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as we start our lives, all the reality around us is just a fact. We decide who is more intelligent by the speed whom someone puts this reality inside. we like to call this “learning”. Just after few years, we learn that we can change this reality too. We can influence a conversation just being there and listening. With our presence people around us changes their mood. People can change in many ways, maybe just because of the idea they have of us.

One of my favourites way to change the reality is money, a particular property that the money gives to everyone, no matter who they are, or who they have become: we can choose what will live, and what will die. I was thinking to this little fact this morning, few minutes ago, when I was having my breakfast, and I noticed that I have two different types of biscuits in my shelf. The next time that I will go to the supermarket I will choose wich one of these brands will survive, and which will die. Of course I’m just a small percentage of the overall decision. I will take my little part in the destiny of the biscuits.

Money is an enhancement of the listening action too. Just a powerful listening. Yesterday I went to listen to the sardininan chours Gusana, in Gavoi. They let me in without paying a single eurocent. They took me out to the bar and offered me beer and they didn’t let me pay. They said that they will let me pay only when I’ll join their chorus. They are a strong and ancient chours (some of them sings together since 1970). I could hear many tenores influences, specially in the timber assonance of the basses, they feel like iron and buzzing car engines. The atmosphere, as soon as they started, immediately become full of many different scents. The first voices were stained with the “bravi alpini” flavour that I avoid as soon as I can. I like heavy struggling screams that tell me how difficult life can be, instead of sweet armonies that say how it’s easy to be a great singer when you are gifted.

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