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familiar street signs

when I was working at the villa, after the first days I went for a walk. I was walking in the neighborly, and I noticed the street signs. They were saying “sacile >” and “budoia <“. No other signs, no big city indications, no places that I knew. I suddenly thought “where the hell am I?”

Many times before that moment I’ve felt lonely or lost. But never before that moment I felt so real. I touched the place where my choiches brought me. That place was wrong. But the choiches were made, so I had to wait a year before getting out from that situation.

As a method of surviving I always chose the wrong side. My first decisions were alwayis been mistakes. Now I have to look to the future and to the past to see where I am. I’m trying to understand. Now when I walk from the restaurant to the office I see “cagliari <” “desulo >” “lanusei >”. These places are still strange to me, they’re not familiar.


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