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The choir is just like a garden. When the visitor enters the garden, if everything has been nurtured and watered, he will have a nice first impression, and he will look around searching for some more.

But if the gardener forgots to water the little plants in the corners, and if he only gives attention to his most beautiful trees, the whole garden will become a mess… his plants will grow in a mess, and the visitor will notice just a bunch of crap. Noone will ever notice if there is a lonely giant healty oak in the middle of the mess.

The new, untrained voices are the most important part of the choir to take care of. They have no defense against the teacher’s anger, they have no ears to understand what the current lesson is for… and they have the true beautyness of the wild rough emotion. These new voices will drop as soon as they will hear bad words about their behavior, they will drop when they will feel a single bad vibration in the choir’s life, they will drop if another stronger interest will rise up in their life, despite to the choir.

The teacher/gardener must give daily water to the plants with short roots. He cannot water or nurture the old trees… they just need some space and the right season (and sporadic prunings) to give fruits .


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has been a month full of thoughts and today we spoke about that thoughts. unfortunately we are not yet at the level whom the thoughts can fix into melody. So, the daily lesson has been a common meeting about organization (we need more organization…blabla) about new people (we need new people…blabla) about people with slow progress (we need to split the class…blabla) about concerts (we need a concert…blabla).

The words always try to concentrate the needs. The one with the strongest needs wins the conversation… but you cannot organize a group of people just singing. The spoken word is still the base for social needs.

maybe when people is relaxed can sing better. That’s not the point. If being relaxed costs to the chours its trueness, then i would not pay to be in that chorus. People says that chorus it’s a serious thing, but when the teacher is rude, or uses strong provocations, they leave. I must think that seriousness is different from having a internal enzime that enables to eat the bad words and to take something good out of them.

Today I broke my rule, and I spoke in the meeting. Today has been an organization meeting.

Imagination has a big part in singing. When someone cannot take the correct pitch, maybe his mind is not figuring correctly the spectrum that should come out from the sound. The job of the teacher is to draw with his words that spectrum, to make it visible to the singers… but everytime that a teacher does the job of the singer and draws that spectrum, the singer can loose something. The singer becomes a trainee, and he loses spontaneousness.

we know that everything we learn has a price. What’s the price for spontaneousness?

that’s why i stay silent, or i speak only superficial words: because each time that i say something true, who is listening starts to change, and if he doesn’t want to change, he leaves the chorus. The chorus needs people. People is more important than air. And people comes out of the silence, we must build a strong, self learning and respectful silence.

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We pass through high moments and low moments. Sometimes we keep flying for some meters, sometimes we stay below the ground level. Having strong bass voices is important, but keeping the note is important too. I don’t like young people singing because their voice is often empty and their way to take the note gives poor results. I wish young people could stay silent while the older learns singing and expression. Expression and feelings are given only through living experience, not through voice quality or right pitch.

Taking the breath is indeed the most important part, deep into the tecnique and emotional traing. While inhaling we prepare our palate and we make our feelings ready to be expressed through our throat. I cannot always take my best breath because we let everyone breath freely without teachings or expansion setup… and I need more time compared to common timing to fill up my periferic lung corners. Keeping in thouch with other people timings is a good training.

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Leaving people behind is the greatest error. Choosing only the fastest learning singers brings the illusion of acceletating the group learning process. The fast-singers if alone have usually poor voices in the global chorus, there are no tenores between us. We need untrained voices, we need a big group of people full of ancient passion. We need all the will to hang on all together. We need the fast-singers to stay silent in the corner while the slow-singers are learning.

The passion sees obstacles only in our behaviors.

I try to stay silent, always. But one time I spoke violent words against another guy that was laughing with another. He was soo scared that he did never came back. That was a mistake, I knew it while I was speaking. I hope they will be strong enough to come back. Now all the obstacles are inside the outside people. We must be nice if someone new will appear on the door. We must stay forever like if we were all gentle strangers.

Cutting away people in this moment is like cutting away too many branches while trimming the tree. It’s always too early when we have to start suffering.

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