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Listening to a fat woman screaming may not be the best of the evenings. But etta james screams on youtube too, and I saw her video because a friend of mine likes a lot blues and old rock. Yesterday night I was training for my chours part and I noticed once again the impact of the idea of someone listening on my voice. Well, this phase now is fewer that some years ago. I don’t like to post youtube video or links, incapsulating other sources contents in my pages makes me feel little, and just a free editor for someone else’s money. But surely you can find a etta james video somewhere, in Somethings Got A Hold On Me for example she has a little of tenores in her voice.

shyness may come from the fact that singing is a little like being naked in front of the people. They feel everything about you, they know if you are arrogant, isolated, happy, etc. You cannot lie to the ears. And being exposed with my screams is not ok for the moment. As well as I hear to etta and think that her interpretation is too much powerful, too fearless and idealistic (very modulated voice).


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