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aka discovering again the new wave

the new duran’s album Red Carpet Massacre it’s the masterpiece of the week here in the midle of sardinia. Not much tenores inside, but big bunch of true pain mixed with style, and familiar voices that bring me back into the 80’s. All together with Tears for fears and Depeche mode. I’ve never been too much fascinated by the dark decadent face of the new wave (like cure and nearby spin offs). Big respect for hard work lasted in many years of experience, and again, public pain.


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This is my first english blog, so please feel free to correct my mistakes!

I’m listening to the new radiohead album preview on rolling stone. The amazing thing with radiohead is that they are now a global band. People in tokyo listens radiohead, as well as people in Philipines, or new york… even here in Italy, in a big Island of Italy we are listening to radiohead, to their impressive vocal soft crying and yelling. Tom Yorke, is amazing, he can resist to the pression of an entire world looking at him.

Well his solo album is not so superb. Exactly, I’m not listening to radiohead since KidA. Now I listen some electronic, I like vocoder and mechanichal noise inside my ears. Well, this is my first post, so since music is not the only thing … oh well, I’m going to listen at a sardinian chorus tonight so… eh.

In this period I’m thinking a lot to videogames, they are a nice way to flush my head, that gets constantly full of things. The blog too is a nice way to flush. Well I must learn to write in english (when I was working at the hotel the american people were always saying to me that I speak good english, but I think that they were just happy for someone that was listening to them), anyway, I must learn a better english because in my next life I want to build up videogames, write the plot, analize and put life inside characters.

In this first candid (or lame, you decide) post, I want to say hello and thak you very much to:

  • nicholas gurewitch
  • ron gilbert
  • artemy lebedev
  • alejandro jodorowsky
  • bruce willis
  • martin durham

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